Ranch Hand is an all-around performance lubricant that consistently outperforms the leading brands. Specifically designed for the rigors of the farm and ranch industry, Ranch Hand can also tackle a variety of household, commercial, industrial, marine and sporting needs. Truly a green technology, Ranch Hand is environmentally engineered, synthesized from natural plant based products and does not contain petroleum distillates. Ranch Hand is biodegradable and non-corrosive. Whether it is improving equipment performance and protection, alleviating squeaks and sticks, or anything in between – Ranch Hand provides the Earth friendly solution.


Ranch Hand truly penetrates, unlike other topical lubricants. From the working ranch to the home garage, Ranch Hand is the best helping hand you can find.


Made in the USA and originally developed by a NASA scientist – Ranch Hand lubricates, alleviates sticks, silences squeaks, loosens stubborn parts, frees frozen mechanisms, inhibits rust, defends against corrosion, displaces moisture and decreases noise. Ranch Hand is environmentally responsible and long lasting.

See our 30 second commercial below through our exclusive partner, award winning horse trainer and legendary Texas Hall of Fame working cowboy, Craig Cameron, and order your bottle today at www.craigcameron.com/ranch-hand or find a retailer near you.

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